When to Invoke Hecate - Special Seasonal Uses:

Dark Moon Rites


Ceremonies of passing over and Release

Hecate’s day of celebration August 13

Eleusinian Mysteries honor the triple Goddess - Sept. 8


Greek night of Hecate - November 7


When to Invoke Hecate

1. Samhain

2. Fate and divination; prophecy

3. Insight and wisdom

4. Charms

5. Spells

6. Averting evil

7. Enchantments

8. Riches

9. Victory

10. Wealth

11. Magickal charms

12. Ending relationships, jobs and friendships

13. Menopause, or coming to terms with aging.

14. Divorce.

15. Rest and calmness before making new goals or plans.

16. On the death of a person or pet.

17. To understand the deepest mysteries.

18. Developing trance or communication with guides and other spirits.

Hecate magick can be used with meditations, candle burning, poppets, and other general rituals.


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